Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exploring in the East Mountains

Last weekend, Jeff & I went exploring along the dirt/back roads in the East Mountains, where we live.  What a great place to live, with all of this wonderful beauty surrounding us!  Above is just a lovely scene along one of the roads we explored - love the sort of half-falling down barbed wire fence!

The above image just reminded me of days gone by, and the beauty and loneliness of railroad tracks.  Altho originally, this image was in color, I think this sepia toned image better captures the spirit of yesterday. 

And, of course, what would exploring be if not to see what wildflowers there are!  The above bloom, which I think may be yarrow, was found in what we think was a deserted small mining operation.  Nature has now re-claimed that area!

The color of the above bloom makes me think it may be a western wallflower, but, again, I'm semi-guessing, since I don't have my wildflower book open beside me!  In any event, I just love the fact that there are orange wildflowers in this area!  I always think of wildflowers as being colors like pink, purple, yellow, etc., but not orange.  Love the boldness of the color!

I love the tiny little purple blooms above - again, a bit bolder in color, but such delicate little things.  Just for some perspective, each little flower is smaller than the size of a penny - maybe about half the size of the face of a penny - tiny perfection!

And, finally, this lovely bloom that almost always seems to be growing in the middle of the road when I see it!  In this case, however, it was growing in among the rocks of what looked to be the remains of a cabin from long ago.  Again, nature seems to have re-claimed the area!


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