Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Fabulous Sky !!

What a show the sky put on yesterday evening! I love the above photo. I call it "Back Yard" because I took it from our back patio, but it's really Patches' (our neighbor's horse, also in the photo) back yard, as well. I think Patches help give one a sense of perspective and appreciate how "big" the sky is here!
The above photo reminds me that there is something much bigger than we are. Whatever you call it, God, Allah, Supreme Being, there's something out there bigger than all of us, and I like to think she's rather a cool being - after all, look at this sky!!

The cloud (above) was just highlighted in the coolest way, sort of like the creme filling in a blue Oreo cookie!

This photo was one I had to include in this collection because there are just so many layers that you can see - the mountain, darker blue clouds, lighter blue sky patch, pale grey clouds, the glowing clouds, the paler whitish clouds and finally, again, a sort of pale grey clouds in the farthest distance, and closest to the mountain in this photo. It is just amazing, and magical (I seem to use that word here a lot when describing the sky). How wonderful.

And, finally, this photo captures the evening sky finally coming in to claim this part of the sky. A peaceful conquest, that will be relinquished the following morning. True balance in life. Enjoy.

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