Friday, July 23, 2010

Folsom - Ghost Town

As we were driving around the area, we drove thru a little town, called Folsom. Altho there are folks living in the town, it's considered a ghost town. Above, there's what's left of what seems to be main street, with a number of buildings that used to be sort of a main business street. Across the street from that string of buildings, is the Folsom Hotel (below). It's a great brick building, and I just loved the old hotel sign painted on the side of the building.
This store (below) was in the string of buildings along the old main street. Looks like in the old days, it served multiple purposes, doesn't it? A supply store as well as a general store - I would have loved to be able to explore it when it was in its hey-day.

Enjoy this stroll down the memory lane of days gone by!

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