Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Johnson Mesa Church

As we were driving around the area, up on top of a nearby mesa, we came across this little church, called Johnson Mesa Church. It was first built and established in 1897. It's actually an active church and there were photos inside from the congregation from about 100 years ago, with reunions of the original members' families from time to time. I love the above photo because it really conveys the openness of the mesa surrounding this building. At the horizon, you can just see the cloud buildup of the afternoon monsoon to come.
I really like the above photo because it allows for a very interesting pattern of the window on the opposite side of the building mirroring the window in the forefront of the photo....and able to see the wonderful mesa beyond them both.

This photo is also a favorite of mine because it really conveys the feeling of peace I got when I went inside the church - yes, the door is open and available for anyone to stop. They even had a visitor's book so people who do stop in and register and let the people maintaining the church know that there are folks that stop by. But, it was so quiet and wonderfully peaceful in her that one could be tempted to just stay and reflect on any number of things for a long, long time. Enjoy....

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