Monday, July 19, 2010

Camping at Sugarite Canyon State Park

Here are the first set of photos from our camping weekend last weekend. The above photo was of the glow of the sunset on a thunderhead that did rain down on us. Still, it looks pretty in this shot, doesn't it?
This is a photo of the back of our campground. The color of the face of this rise was just so warm and rich.

And, finally, this is the front facing view. We really love this campground, even tho it doesn't have any hook-ups (water and electricity) just because of these views. Plus, this campground is really pretty spacious - lots of room between each of the sites. One thing that was incredibly plentiful here that I didn't get a photo of was all the hummingbirds! I just couldn't get a shot of them - they move too quickly! And, they really came close! A couple of times they would pause just a foot or so from Jeff & me - once it was so close to me, the breeze from its wings actually ruffled my hair!! We decided that next time we would bring a hummingbird feeder and then I'd be able to get some good shots of them (hopefully!). Enjoy!

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