Friday, July 23, 2010

Altered House

Here are some photos that I took of a mixed media piece I created a while ago. I was just too lazy (or busy??) to take photos of it and get it posted!

A dear friend sent me a wood block shaped like a house. I painted the wood block, but left the wood rather rough. I really wanted to keep the rough exterior, just like a real house. I then thought about what home meant and what home and family was, and this quote summed it up quite perfectly. The family is the building block, the key to an ordered society. I love it.

Here's the back of the house. The roof is corrugated cardboard that I brushed color on, so that the undercolor still shows through. Handmade paper was placed over the top part of the house with a transparency I made placed over the back of the house. The transparency is a colorful background with the image of a bare tree on it. I took that photo a while back, and it's a great photo for a number of different reasons. I added a metal leaf that I believe I inherited from a friend (she gave me a bunch!). It just felt right to have a couple of lone leaves on the piece, to sort of symbolize the autumn, when having a warm, loving home is especially wonderful.

And, this is the front of the house. You can see the quote in the lower left hand corner of the house. Also on the front of the house is an old ruler (remembering measuring how much you grew every so often??), an old photo of a family gathered around their car, and more autumn leaves. The house is adhered to a wooden base that I also covered with the corrugated cardboard that I used on the roof. I used it for the "front stoop" as well because I really liked the texture of it.

I do hope you enjoy my creative efforts!

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