Monday, April 11, 2011

Lovely Weekend Part 1

Our weekend began with a lovely sunrise! Jeff & I sat outside at our campsite watching the day unfold. The first light of dawn colored the sky in sort of a pastel color that is better than anything anyone can paint!
It seemed to take the sun quite a while to put in an actual appearance - was it just sleepy or did it want to really put on the show for us? I like to think the latter, and the colors of the sky above were certainly worth waiting for! I always love watching how the warm colors of the day overtake the cool colors of night in an almost luscious way.

And, there it is! The sun peeking out over the horizon! Once it appears, it really quite amazing how quickly it continues to rise. You can almost see it happening while you watch - which can only be for a little bit, since it gets far too bright very quickly. Still, what a lovely way to begin the day and the weekend!


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