Monday, April 11, 2011

Lovely Weekend Part 3

On Saturday, we checked out the Living Desert State Park, in Carlsbad. There was much more to it than we first thought. It was a sort of combined zoo and garden. I know lots of folks hate the thought of seeing animals in zoos, but many of the ones in this zoo, like the majestic eagle, were injured, and would not have survived in the wild, so this is providing a safe place for them to live, and be treated for whatever injuries they have.
The little guy above wasn't injured, and was just flying around overhead in an aviary that we walked thru at the zoo portion of the state park. He was just such a little cutie, I couldn't resist snapping a shot.
Several of the cacti were in bloom, or getting ready to bloom. A barrel cactus produces such pretty yellow flowers right up at the top of it!

Ok, this isn't a cactus bloom, but in the greenhouse, along with the cactus, was a beautifully blooming hibiscus tree, and I got this lovely shot of one of the flowers overhead!


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