Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Animals Along the Back Roads!

As we drove around the back roads around Abiquiu Lake, we met up with some animals along the way. The image above was what I think of as "standing guard". The shepherd in the front of the image took his job as protector of the sheep very, very seriously! As we drove thru the sheep, this dog started barking almost hysterically and kept pace with our car as we drove along!

Whew! After we passed The Guard, above, we came across another flock of sheep crossing the road. I was wondering if The Guard would catch up with us, but this group had their own guard to protect them!

And, finally, the sweet portrait of a Mom and her Baby! There was a small herd just meandering around and on the road, and this Mom and her little one just paused and let me snap their first formal portrait!


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