Monday, October 17, 2011

Colors in the High Desert

No, I'm not in New England! I'm on the dirt road headed toward the Fourth of July Canyon, about 45 min from where we live! The Fourth of July Canyon is the only place in New Mexico where you can see the oranges and reds of autumn! On Saturday, Jeff & I thought we might hike the trail there, and drove up there. This gorgeous tree was along the road leading to the campground where the trail starts. What brilliant color!

Here's another example of Mother Nature showing off! The perfect blue sky with wisps of white clouds, looking almost like that fabric one uses to make "ghosts" for Halloween! The remaining green trees set off the oranges of the changing leaves, too, don't you think?

I couldn't resist this image. A few years ago, there were some wildfires in the Manzano Mountains, which is where we were. The blackness of the standing dead trees really seem to accentuate the colors of the lower new growth. It's almost like a phoenix rising from the ashes, isn't it?


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