Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vistas Along Chimney Rock Trail at Ghost Ranch

In addition to the wonderful natural tree sculptures that abound on this trail, there are beautiful vistas everywhere you look. Take the image above - how can you not have your breath taken away by this?

I couldn't resist taking this image as we walked the trail back from Chimney Rock, especially since it's a nice photo of Miki - see her on the trail, enjoying the vistas as well? And, in the background, was the Pedernal, Georgia O'Keefe's self-proclaimed "favorite mountain". The lake in the background is Abqiuiu Lake, where we were camping. Hopefully, you can now understand why this is now one of our favorite camping areas!

One of the things that this area is known for are the red rocks in the area. I thought this was such a pretty view of them, and helps to illustrate how wonderful they are. I just stood there enjoying them for several minutes before I took this shot.

And, finally, Ghost Ranch is also a movie location. Here's an image of an old movie set there. The cabin may look familiar, if you are a true movie trivia person. What movie is this cabin from? Give up? "City Slickers"! I just thought it made a great landscape shot!


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