Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ghost Ranch Hiking - Portraits of Trees!

One of our days at Abiquiu Lake, we hiked around Ghost Ranch. Ghost Ranch is where Georgia O'Keefe purchased about 8 acres and built a house back in 1934. The entire acreage of Ghost Ranch now is about 21,000. Georgia O'Keefe's home is not open to the public, altho they do have tours of her home. She lived here and did much of her creating for many years. She lived to be 98 (I believe), and lived at Ghost Ranch up until the last few years of her life, when she moved to Santa Fe to live out her final years. The images in this blog entry were taken as we hiked the Chimney Rock Trail on Ghost Ranch. It's easy for me to see how this area inspired such a great artist. The above image was taken as we just started out on our trail. I loved the way the tree framed Chimney Rock.

Part of the way up the trail, I came across this dead tree sculpture - and that's the way I think of it. There's something about it against the beautiful landscape beyond. Again, how could this not inspire you?

And, finally, this portrait of what I believe to be a pinon pine (or juniper!). I absolutely love these trees, even if I'm not exactly certain of which it is! The character, line, and texture of these trees just appeal to me on some sort of core aesthetic level.


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