Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fourth of July Canyon - At Our Feet!

And, now, finally, the beauty at our feet. I was looking down so that I wouldn't trip over roots and rocks, and found these great images! The above image is what I think of as a still life. I didn't rearrange anything for that image. Nature just perfectly placed the three leaves.

This second image is of the wonderful red leaves that were all around us. The bright red leaves were on some very low trees boughs, and those in the background were off the trees and on the ground. I just love this image - I feel like if I put an appropriate quote toward the upper right corner, it would be a wonderful note card.

This last image is what I think of as an abstract. I just love the mixed colors of the leaves, and the various tree trunks and branches just create the abstract feeling. And, there's just a hint of the kiss of sunshine that acts as a bit of an accent to the piece. I just love it.


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