Friday, November 4, 2011

Animals & Nature!

This entry is animal themed and from our camping weekend last weekend! The first image, above, is of our wonderful German Shepherd, Miki, as she was sort of surveying her weekend domain. We were sitting in a walk in campsite just up the hill from our own campsite (the tree between the rocks in the center of the photo is our campsite), and Miki seemed to just enjoy sitting and looking out on all the running space available to her!

This next image is of my darling little kitty-girl, Tatoosh, as she sat on the back of the couch/sofa in the RV looking out the window at the great view she had from there. I thought it would make a good silhouette image, and I do like the way it came out. Sort of her contemplating life beyond the safety of the rig!

This last image is of one of the many birds and other creatures that flew around us while we were walking around or just sitting at the campsite. It was so quiet there, I was able to just sit at the campsite and listen to the sound of flying - the slower "whosh, whosh" of the crow/raven flying, the sort of whirring sound of the quail's wings as it took flight, and the sort of clacking sound made by the grasshoppers as they flew about. I never thought grasshoppers really flew, but the ones at this state park certainly did! I don't know if they were a different variety of what, but they definitely flew quite the distance!


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