Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Textures & Abstracts in Nature

Went camping this past weekend, and had some fun with textures and abstracts in nature. The above image is a photo of some moss growing on a rock, that I then applied some artistic filters to in PhotoShop!

I really like this image! There was the dead part of what I think was a yucca plant of some sort. Again, I took a close up of the dead yucca "leaves" and then applied a different fun artistic filter to it and got this result!

This one has to be my favorite. One morning when we woke up, I pulled up the shade in the RV bedroom window and just sat there with the 2 kitties on each side of me, watching the sun rise. I took this photo, even tho I knew it was a bit too dark to have the image come out in sharp focus. I thought it might turn out cool out of focus, and I think it did! I didn't play around with this one at all in terms of enhancing it or applying filters. These are the actual colors of the sunrise....and if one is sleepy enough or without glasses/contacts, I guess the hazy focus could be reality, too!


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  1. Your pictures are always so gorgeous!! Makes we want to get out there and take a hike!