Friday, November 4, 2011

City of Rocks State Park

This was our home away from home last weekend! The above image is a sort of overview of the entire state park. In the middle of some prairie-like terrain, some huge rocks just seem to spring up from the ground. They are about 20-30 feet high, so we're talking some fairly decent sized monoliths. According to the information published by the state park, there are only 6 places on the earth where this has occurred - and one of those places is in New Mexico! And, just for the record, we are not one of the white dots clustered together (those are the electric sites). If you look due right from the cluster, you'll see a tiny white dot - that's our campsite!

The above image was taken from our campsite looking up the hill. It may be hard to see in this shot (because I just wanted to capture the big sky!), but right under the tree to the right is a picnic table. That is actually a walk-in site, and the place where I took the photo of Miki from another blog entry.

I love this image, even tho it isn't one of mine. Jeff took this image with his iPhone camera - pretty good quality, don't you think? It's a photo of our actual campsite, and one of the few times you may be able to see me in the shadows with Miki - I generally don't like to have my photo taken (which is why I'm a photographer!). I thought this might give you an idea of how cool it is to camp at this state park, nestled among the monoliths!


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