Sunday, October 14, 2012


These images are some images that I captured over this weekend.  The first image, above, was taken at the Blue Hole.  As I watched this little squirrel, I just felt like he was contemplating jumping over to the tree.  There was no way this would have been possible, unless he was a flying squirrel.....and he's not!  He was smart, and didn't try!

As we were driving out of Pueblo de Luna, Jeff saw this no so little guy crossing the road.  He backed up and I jumped out to get a photo of this guy - a tarantula!!  Yikes!!!  They are poisonous, and he was really big for a spider.  I did keep my distance, and just used my zoom lens!  (I'm smart like the squirrel....!)

And, as we drove across the cattle ranch land, we came across this guy along the side of the road.  He was laying down until we approached.  After seeing those horns, I decided to stay in the Jeep and just rolled down the window!  Again, using the squirrel as my role model for the weekend - LOL! 


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