Sunday, October 14, 2012

Digital Collage - Fall Colors

I was playing with some digital collage pieces for an ATC swap that I've decided to participate in.  I need to make up a few more, but like these well enough to share!  The above collage starts as a photo of the red leaves found at 4th of July Canyon here close to home.  I then added some sheet music very faintly in the background, and the lovely young woman to enjoy it.  I think of this one as "Autumn's Song".

The above collage again starts as a collection of orange leaves at 4th of July Canyon.  I then added the handwriting text (reduced opacity) and the little darling girl.  The handwriting was somewhat a childlike scrawl, so that's why I felt I needed to use a child's image.  The title of this one - "Someday I'll write" since I don't really think she's old enough to write yet! 

The photo that's the foundation for this collage was taken just a few weeks ago when we were exploring around Mt. Taylor, near Grants, NM.  I added some images of men that seemed to be rather old and from the past.  I then added the text "Ghosts in the Trees" - seems appropriate!


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