Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM

I never thought of New Mexico as being a place to go to learn how to scuba dive - I mean, in the desert???  Still, there is a very deep spring in the town of Santa Rosa, NM, that is a place where folks come to learn to scuba dive.  The first part of the Blue Hole (as it's called) is 80 feet deep, and there are other sections of the Blue Hole that reaches a depth of 248 feet. Wow!  Above is an image I took with a great reflection  of the tree that hangs over the Hole.

Here's another view of the Blue Hole.  If you look below the tree, you can see a sort of ledge (it looks like a very pale aqua) before the spring drops off totally.  The square is, I think, at the bottom of the 80 foot point (there are 3 of them in the Hole) and the red and white spheres on the top of the Hole are held in place by chains.  I imagine that they, as well as the square, have something to do with scuba training.  However, there wasn't anyone there to ask at the time we were there, so this is a guess on my part.  Still, what a pretty setting!

I'm including this image because I just love the way things reflect in this Hole.  It was very calm and peaceful.


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