Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pueblo de Luna

As we went exploring, we came across an ancient town called Pueblo de Luna.  I read that this was (sort of) the original site of what would then become Santa Rosa, NM.  Don't know if that's true, but this little town was passed over when I-40 was put thru, and Santa Rosa was the lucky recipient, so who knows what the real story is??  Still, the view from the bridge near this little community was quite lovely, as the colors at this altitude begin to change.

Here's an image of a building that speaks to the demise of at least some of the buildings in town.  The stormy skies (it was actually a rainy day here in New Mexico on Friday!) add to the dramatic feel of this image.

There was a very pretty little church here in town, and I decided to capture the key elements of the church in just a couple of photos.  The steeple (with a bell) and angel that greets you when you approach the doorway are above.  The door and stained glass windows on either side of it frame the door in the image below, just like they do in reality!


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