Sunday, October 28, 2012

Late Fall Colors on Sandia Crest Woodsy Trail

There was another path along the Sandia Crest Trail, a more woodsy trail off the actual crest of the mountain.  I like the way the sun seems to glisten off the remaining leaves of the wild grass fronds.  There's a delicate feel to these leaves - yet they are still on the branches of the stems, so how delicate can they be?  I sort of feel like it's speaking to the strength each one of us possesses.

Here's another photo of some of the remaining leaves still on the stem.  It just spoke to me as a lovely profile photo of late fall.  Again, I love the way the sun reflects off the leaves, and they way the background plays with the leaves in the foreground, in terms of the overall pattern of the photo.

I don't generally take photos of dandelions gone to seed, but for some reason, this particular "flower" appealed to me.  Again, I guess it's the inconsistency between the delicacy of the "fuzz" of the dandelion, and the strength it takes to still be hanging on!  I think the blank space on the left of the photo creates a nice balance.  Also, it would make a great spot for a quote - I have to look for an appropriate one!

And, finally, as I walked along the woodsy trail and looked down, I saw the last piece of fall color, this red leaf laying among rocks and other brown leaves.  A gentle good-bye of the season, and a promise to return next year.


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