Sunday, June 24, 2012

Altered Playing Cards - Flowers

This ATC swap had the theme and requirement of being an altered playing card, altered using flowers and something that flies.  For the card above, I chose a napkin that I applied to the card itself, and then punched out some butterflies to apply on top of the napkin.  I chose to keep it sort of monochromatic because the roses on the napkin just seemed sort of soft and gentle.

For the above card, I also used a napkin, with a large peony-type bloom,  It, too created a softer feel, but not as soft as the roses, so I chose to include a purple dragonfly to satisfy the "something that flies" requirement, and add a little zip.  However, I only put one into the piece, so the flower could still be the focus.

This last piece is just pure fun and reminds me of summer!  As with the other 2, I used a napkin, this time with bright boldly colored blooms and leaves.  I added a couple of dragonflies and a butterfly to finish it off.  This is just such a light, fun piece, looking at it just makes me smile!


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