Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Resist Technique !

Tried this new technique the other day while creating background pages for my travel journal for this August's vacation and really liked the way it came out.  It's easy as pie! 

Watercolor paper
White gesso
Stencil (optional - you can paint a design freehand if you like!)
Acrylic paint in the colors you choose (I used a turquoise and bright green)
Water in spray bottle

How to:
1.  Apply the white gesso to the watercolor paper, either freehand or using a stencil.  The more gesso you apply, the more textured your design will be, so play with it!  Let dry thoroughly.
2.Apply layer of paint to entire sheet with paintbrush.  (I used the turquoise first.)  Let dry.
3.  Spray sheet with water and use a paper towel to wipe off immediately.  The gesso'd part of the paper will resist the paint, and it will appear much lighter.  The more you rub, the lighter the paint will be over the entire sheet.
4. Add dimension by lightly applying the second paint color (in this case, bright green).  I use a baby wipe to apply paint when I do this, and it works perfectly!

That's it!!  I think I'm going to try this technique with tags, ATCs and some library card envelopes to create some nice backgrounds for them as well!  It's very fun, doesn't take long (you can use a heat gun to help dry the gesso and paint), and, like I said easy as pie!  Actually, in my case it's easier than pie, since I have a tough time with pies!


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  1. Very nice. I think it will make great cards and tags.