Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sandia Mountain Wildflowers - Penstamon

Last Saturday, I did something I've meant to do since we moved here 3 years ago - finally!  I did a wildflower walk in the Sandia Mountains close to where we live.  The walk was led by a volunteer.  There were a number of different types of wildflowers, so I'll use a number of different posts to show you the beauty in the New Mexico mountains!  This first post is of the 3 varieties of penstamon that we saw.  The one above is called Rocky Mountain Penstamon and is a great purple color.  There are some that are more bluish, but I chose this one for posting because as I was shooting this flower, a bee flew up and became part of the image!

This second variety is called either Scarlet or Red Penstamon.  I just loved the look of the vibrant red against the lush green of the woods surrounding it!

And, the final variety of penstamon is the Whipple's Penstamon.  It's also known as the Dusky Penstamon.  This was a sort of heathery type purple color, not quite as bright as the Rocky Mountain Penstamon.  I don't know that I've ever seen penstamon before, so this was a very neat way to learn about new flowers!


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