Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sassy Cats - ATCs

This ATC swap called for a cat (or cats) to be the subject, and also have some text reflecting whatever thoughts just might be going thru their little kitty minds!  Altho all the ATCs that I made for the swap didn't involve my little kitties, those are the ones I'm sharing on this blog!  The above ATC is of Toutle, when he was just a wee little baby kitten.  He was lying in wait to attack me, behind a fake greenery potted plant I had on the floor of my office.  He has certainly lived up to this quote, tho!  What a character he is....and I wouldn't have him any other way!!

This ATC, above, is of my other little darling kitty, Tatoosh, the very first day she was home with me!  She loved to curl up in baskets and small dark enclosed places (and in my lap).  And, she is the princess, and is just a sweet little girl kitty!

This is also Tatoosh, in one of her less princess like moments.  Still, it speaks to just how relaxed and safe she feels here at home (she was a neglected kitty for the first few months of her life, so was a bit skittery when I first got her).  And, no matter how wonderful, every kitty has that kitty attitude of what's good for you is just fine for them, too, and I guess that includes laying around and vegging!  (Altho I'm sure she's imitating her "dad", Jeff, here!!  LOL - sorry, sweetie!!)


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