Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sandia Mountain Wildflowers - Various Color Blooms

In this last group, I decided "various color blooms" sounded better than "all other"!  The white bloom above is called a Western Yarrow.  The interesting thing about this bloom is that the bloom is actually made up of a bunch of tiny, tiny blooms.

The above bloom is called a Little Leaf Mock Orange.  This flower blooms on a bush or shrub and has a very gentle sort of light citrus smell to it.  I wouldn't call it orange, but then, I don't have a very good nose!  The blooms are very delicate and look just lovely grouped together.

I know this flower looks sort of purple, but it really has a sort of leather appearance to it - hence the name, Leatherflower!  The bloom at the bottom isn't really a bloom - it's what this flower looks like when it goes to seed!  Apparently, it's pretty rare to see these flowers, so we were lucky last Saturday!

And, I have to tell you, I think this flower was misnamed.  It's called a Western Wallflower - I always think of any type of wallflower as being rather pale and pastel, in a way.  This little bloom is anything but!  Bunches of little bright orange blooms - nothing wallflowery about it!


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