Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sandia Wildflowers - Other Purple Blooms

I guess last Saturday was a day for purple-type blooms!  Here are 3 more different types of purple wildflowers in the wonderful Sandia Mountains (I just love to think of these mountains as "my" mountains!).  The bloom above is a Spike Verbena.  The bloom is pretty, and in this case, I was also taken by the leaves of the flower - I just love their shape and the texture this appears to give them!

This lovely little bloom is a Purple Geranium.  I know, it looks more pink than purple, but there you have it!  It really is a delicate little flower, and I love the contrast of the yellow stamens.

And, this last of the purple blooms from this walk is called Jacob's Ladder.  If I remember correctly, the leaves of this bloom sort of creates the impression of a ladder.  But, I could be misremembering!  In any event, the mix of this shade of purple and green is one that I find quite relaxing and soothing.

And, this last bloom is a Rocky Mountain Townsend Daisy.  I love the look of these petals, so perfect and precise!  And, it looks like such a happy flower, doesn't it?  But, then, I think that about most daisies!


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