Saturday, June 16, 2012

Earth Laughs In Flowers ATCs

I just completed an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap a couple of days ago.  This was my first swap in several months.  This was a photo swap of close-up shots of flowers - an easy swap for me!  The above flower was one I didn't have to travel very far to find - it was in our front yard.  The colors are so vibrant - I love it! 

This is another front yard bloom, from one of our yucca plants.  The yucca is the official state flower - such a pretty one, don't you think?  I love the soft effect of this image, too.

And, finally, this is an image from a garden, just not ours!  I took this image last year, when we were visiting Jeff's sister's house.  Her peony plants were just magnificent, and I was lucky enough to get this fabulous image!


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