Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anchorage Sunset

After a cloudy start to the day, once again, we had a great sunset.  This one had to be one of the most spectacular that we’ve seen so far, tho!  This is just the beginning of the sunset – can you see the moon on the right side of the photo?  It’s in one of the white steams of cloud – I didn’t even see it myself until I processed this image!

Now, the sunset is really getting going. What I really liked about this image, tho, was the balance of the colorful sky and the sun’s reflection in the ocean. It felt like a calm promise of better things to come.

When I shifted my view for a minute, I caught this great view of some rain off in the distance. The rain clouds, tho, have caught the reflection of the sunset, so it’s a rosy rain of sorts!

Isn’t this just almost too beautiful for words?It’s another instance where I can’t help but consider it proof that there’s something bigger and greater than all of us out there.Call it whatever you like, but with gifts like this sunset, I think it must kind of like us!


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