Sunday, August 26, 2012

Victoria, BC, Canada and The Parliment - Last Cruise Stop

Thursday, August 23, was the last day of our cruise, and we ended, not in Alaska, but in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.  What a beautiful day!  And, the flowers here were really something (more about that in another blog).  The above photo is of one of the hundreds (or maybe thousands) of flower baskets hanging around the Inner Harbor.  This harbor is primarily for smaller water craft.

And, one of those smaller water craft were these adorable little water taxis!  I just couldn't get over how cute they were!  In the background, is, of course, a sea plane - very common up and down this coast!

Another mainstay along the Inner Harbor is the Empress Hotel.  Everyone takes the obligatory photo of the entire hotel, which is beautiful and impressive.  I, however, decided to focus in on this decoration on the front lawn - an old fashioned pick up truck and the carousel horse sitting in the back of the truck!  It's a touch of whimsy that I liked!

Here's a photo of the Inner Harbor with Victoria's welcome spelled out in flowers!  In the background is The Parliament Building.  Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia (just fyi).  More from The Parliament below!

As we walked into the Rotunda, I got this shot of the roof of the Rotunda.  Very pretty, don't you think?

I was most taken with the stained glass windows in The Parliament.  I really liked the sentiments expressed on a couple of them.  The sentiment on the above window reads, "The Virtue of Adversity is Fortitude".  How true!

And, finally, this window with what has to be my favorite sentiment - "Without Economy, None can be Rich, With It, None can be Poor".  Another truism!


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