Thursday, August 23, 2012

Around and Leaving Sitka, AK

Not to be outdone by the Russian church in town, this charming Episcopal Church is also a historic building.  To me, it just seemed the perfect church building for a little seaside town!

As we walked by the front of the church, I noticed that I could look thru the glass doors into the interior of the church, and actually see the stained glass that I’m assuming is on the far wall. This is one of the benefits of NOT having bright sunshine – this would never be able to be seen if that were the weather today!

I also couldn’t resist taking this image of a pine tree reflected in the harbor waters alongside the sidewalk in town.It just summed up the calm, peaceful feeling in this charming town.

It’s the end of the day, and as we were leaving Sitka, I noticed this fisherman coming home from his day of fishing, slowing making his way thru the evening mist.

I mentioned before that some people had house complexes on the islands just off Sitka. Here’s a photo of one of those. Jeff & I both commented on how cool, in a way, it would be to live there. However, the practicality of daily life would be very different. I suppose I’d get really good at kayaking……and living in the grey…..

Art is where you look for it, I guess!Jeff was actually checking out this tug boat (it was coming to retrieve the pilot that helped see us out of the bay at Sitka), when he saw the cool Thunderbird art at the forward portion of the boat.When it came close enough, I was able to capture this close-up so we could really see the art!
And, my final blog image from Alaska is, of course, my favorite little lighthouse!This misty image of it just really seems to sum up Alaska on this trip – inviting, mellow and truly an independent spirit.


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