Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sights Along the Homer Spit, AK

As we approached Homer, the sun was rising and cast a rosy glow onto one of the mountains we passed entering the harbor.  It was wonderful to see the effect of the sun and also the layers of low clouds and fog hovering just over the water.

I thought this image was particularly peaceful. It was a very hushed environment. Yes, we were on board the ship, but it wasn’t moving very fast, and was fairly quiet, which created an even greater sense of peace. I love the streaks of color created by the sun, too.

In Homer, there’s a spit of land that we actually docked at.  And, there’s a pier there, too, with shops, etc., on this fairly decent size sort of peninsula.  I don’t know the reason, but it’s referred to as a spit of land.  Anyway, here’s another image of what has the feel of a New England fishing town up in the semi-north of Alaska!

I really liked this image, because of the people (it’s actually a couple standing very close together) in the lower left corner. They create a feel to this image of being left behind – sort of a loneliness.

And, saw this on a Jeep at the dock and it makes me laugh –it pretty well sums up a fair amount of people’s attitudes up here, but not in a nasty way.They just really don’t care how it’s done elsewhere – they just do it the way they do it up here because it works for them!Love it!


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