Sunday, August 26, 2012

Victoria's Flowers and Beacon Hill Park

Jeff treated me to a horse-drawn carriage ride thru Victoria and Beacon Hill Park.  After being on the ship with so many folks around all the time, it was nice to be in this park with the lovely greenery of the trees.  When the land was donated to Victoria by the first Governor of the Province, one of the requirements was that a percentage of the 160 acres be left "wild", as nature sees fit.  Many of those who live in Victoria name this as one of their favorite places.  I can see why!

Here are some flowers that were planted in the park, not in a pure "nature" section.  The bright colors were so pretty in the bright sunshine!

Here is a photo of just a beautiful yellow daisy of some sort, I think!  They were in the park and throughout Victoria.  I thought the color of this bloom was just so incredibly lush!

Isn't this a lovely apricot colored rose?  It was in the rose garden in the grounds of The Parliament.  The prime blooming season was pretty much over, but there were a few gems to be found, and this was one of them!


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