Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whale off the Starboard Side!

After we got back to the ship, and were relaxing in the Ocean Bar, we looked up and saw a humpback whale making his way toward the ship, just feeding on salmon and krill along the way.  I raced back up to our room, and thankfully, our balcony overlooked just where he was slowly making his way.  I got these great shots of him feeding.  The above photo is just as he’s beginning to rise up to eat.  Whales tend to be cooperative feeders, and most likely, there were more than this one that kept surfacing.  The others will tend to swirl the water, getting the food they want to bunch up and swim in a circle.  On the surface of the water, this looks like a ring of bubbles, and since I was lucky enough to see that, I had an idea where he’d be surfacing.  I knew he wouldn’t do one of those dramatic breaches or tail flips, because he was right off shore and in relatively shallow water, but it was cool to see him do this type of feeding!

Here’s a shot a second after the first (I was shooting multiple frames at a time). The water has finished running off him, so you can see him better.

And, this third shot is a bit of a closer view.I did purposefully keep the people on shore in the image, just to give you a sense of perspective about how close he was to shore and how big he is!

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