Thursday, August 23, 2012

Views from Baranov Castle Site

We visited the site of the home/castle of Alexander Baronov, the first Governor (Russian) of Alaska.  If you recall, he originally was in Kodiak, but then moved to Sitka and established Sitka as the first capital of Alaska. Altho the site is historical, there were some really pretty flowers, including this one with the interesting marks along the inside of the bloom.  I’ve never seen this before, so I have no idea what the significance is!

Again, heavy Russian influence here in Sitka. I really liked this image of the towers of the Russian church in town.

My favorite photo subject in Sitka has to be this lighthouse home – this time with, of course, a float plane flying overhead.It’s funny, but I’m so used to seeing them now, it will be strange to NOT see them when we’re back home!

And, this tree was just the perfect frame for that lighthouse!I especially like this image because although the tree is in focus, the lighthouse is in soft focus (slightly out of focus) which lends kind of a dreamy quality to the image.


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