Thursday, August 9, 2012

Truck Junker

Just down the driveway from Nancy & Lonnie's, there's a junky truck that a neighbor never seems to get rid of.  Thought it would be a good subject for some fun photos (HDR enhanced), and I was right.  Above is a close up of the grill work in the front.

The above image is of the front side, and you can see it was (I think) one of those old milk trucks that used to make the rounds way back when......I can't even remember them, so it must have been really long ago!!  Anyway, I thought this was a fun character shot.

And, finally, here's a full front shot.  There's something about this truck that appeals to the photographer in me......altho probably not the neighbors!



  1. Great images of the old trucks...I'm a sucker for them.