Saturday, August 11, 2012

Embarkation !

The first day of our cruise aboard the msAmsterdam on Holland America.  Altho I am nervous about being on another ship (ships have not behaved well for me in the past), I read a quote that basically said that which you are afraid to do is the next thing you're meant to do, and so here I am!  The above shot is off the bow/front of the ship.  Altho you can see the window glare, I thought the image was pretty cool, anyway!

Here's our luggage getting ready to get on the least, I assumed our luggage was there!  Since it did arrive in our stateroom safe and sound, it must have been there!

And, finally a great shot of the Seattle working pier area, with Ranier in the background.  It's not often clear enough to actually see Ranier looming over Seattle, so this was a special day, from my perspective!


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