Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Early Morning to Tracy Arm, AK

The morning started off with what I’m learning is the traditional morning fog or low clouds.  The beauty of this image is in the inherent layering of the clouds above the dark outline of the land, and the fog floating in front of it, just above the water.

No, that blue iceberg in the foreground isn’t fake or a PhotoShop effect! This was one of the first lonely little ice bergs that we saw today, and it was a natural pop of color for the monochromatic landscape.

A ship was coming out just as we were approaching Tracy Arm.I really like this image because it creates a natural sense of scale and perspective.We are all so small in the overall scheme of things, no matter how important we may think we are.

I just love this image! It’s so calming, and yet seems to offer a promise of things to come.The shape of the entrance to the straight just seems to draw you in, doesn’t it?


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