Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zip Lining - Whoo Eeee!

As you know from my previous post, sea level was very, very foggy at Icy Straits.  However, one doesn’t zip line from sea level.  And, at the level that we began our zip line adventure, the weather was beautiful!!  This is a shot from the top of the mountain that we zip lined down!

This zip line ride has you secured very well – good thing, since it’s one big ZIP and we reach speeds of up to 60 mph!! So that we can’t chicken out, after we’re secured, we put our feet up against our assigned door (in my case, door number 3), until they open the door. No chance of chickening out! So, what’s behind door number #3?

This!What a rush! I was thinking it would be cool to zip line down thru clouds, and this was beyond wild because I had no sense of what lay ahead!(I figure I can do another zip line sometime in clear weather, so nothing lost!)

This was so fun, and I had no idea how to control myself, so I found myself turning semi-sideways as I entered the clouds.I also can’t really take credit for this shot as I just had my camera lens locked into wide angle, focus on manual (infinity) and I just clicked between laughter, and grabbing my camera strap so it didn’t fly off from around my neck.I just didn’t think about that happening at 60 mph, but it does!

And, here I am emerging from the clouds!Jeff did this ride too, although you can’t see him.He was over on the far right of the photo, but was the first one of us down, so he was out of this shot!This was beyond fun!


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