Thursday, August 23, 2012

Out and About Kodiak, AK

Here’s an illustration as to why Kodiak Island is called “The Emerald Isle”.  As we drove around the island, we drove in and out of sunshine.  We stopped alongside one of the roads we were on so I could capture this image.  The vivid green and blue are such stark contrast to the more typical foggy, rainy, misty types of days in Kodiak.  I feel so lucky that the island decided to take pity on this inhabitant of the “lower 48” to show me its beauty!

And, here’s an area where we had the more typical fog! We were on top of what’s called Pillar Mountain, where they have some wind turbines set up. As you can see, we were at the very base of them, and could still barely see them in the fog! I had to include this image as a true contrast to the first image! Our ship was just below us, down at the bottom of this mountain, but we couldn’t see it at all!!

The Coast Guard plays an important part of Kodiak’s history. During WWII, Kodiak was considered a vitally important strategic area as the US was concerned that Alaska would be invaded by enemy forces.And, contrary to what (mistaken) comedians would lead one to believe, you really CAN see Russian from parts of Alaska.Doesn’t make for very good comedy, I guess, but it is reality.LOL!And, also, the movie “The Guardian” with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher was filmed here on Kodiak, at the Coast Guard station.

And, speaking of comedians, I’m traveling with one!Jeff promised to show me a white sand beach in Alaska.Well, here it is!Not really what one would commonly expect, but, again, it is reality!!LOL!!


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