Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Attempt at Wedding Photography

Last Saturday was my first attempt at photographing a wedding - Jeff's nephew, Greg, and his beautiful bride, Barbara!  It was a perfect day in the Pacific Northwest - sunshine, blue skies, and warm temps!  It was held in a state park, and the above photo was the actual ceremony site.  All the flowers were hand-picked the day before by the bride and groom (I think) - a beautiful place for a wedding, don't you think?

Barbara wanted a photo of the wedding party jumping up - a celebratory jump for joy!  There was a path that led down to a beach area, which is where this photo (and the one below) was taken.  I especially love the fact that one of Greg's brother's, Cory, didn't participate in the jump (see far left of the photo)!  He sort of anchors the image and adds a fun sort of comedic touch to it, altho I'm sure that wasn't his intent!

The above image was a fun shot, too.  I suggested the "dip" - Greg added the kiss!  Beautiful background, too.....

And, finally, there was a forest path along the main path to/from the beach area that reminded Barbara of the Twilight movies.  She wanted a photo in that area, and I think this ended up being a nice shot of them!  Actually, when I look at all the images I shot, Barbara cannot take a bad photo.  The camera just seems to love her!  I think all the shots came out pretty well - hopefully, the bride and groom feel that way, too!


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