Monday, August 13, 2012

Dawn Approaching Ketchikan

Isn’t this a great shot?  We weren’t quite at Ketchikan yet when dawn occurred.  It was such a spectacularly grey dawn; it was perfect in its own way.  This image really captured the feeling of vastness that is very different from the vastness that I often feel home in New Mexico.

This image is special to me because of how the fog just seems to wisp around the mountains.  It’s not a depressing sort of feeling, either, at least not yet for me!  I decided to just go with whatever the Universe was going to give me today, and figured that It knows best, and will send me the most beautiful things to see.

We’re getting closer to Ketchikan here, and you can see a couple of fishing boats heading out for their daily work, even tho it is Sunday.  There was something quite peaceful about this – helped by the quietness of all that was around us.  Thank goodness the ship wasn’t sounding its fog horn – that would have disturbed the moment!

This shot has to be my favorite of the dawn.  The sun trying to burn through and creating a sort of spot light of sorts on the bouy  guiding us toward Ketchikan.  What a perfectly peaceful moment.

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