Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Bays of Kodiak - Mill and Moneshka

One of the stops on Jeff’s official Kodiak Tour was Mill Bay.  It’s a lovely park that has a number of picnic areas, and a lovely view of the bay.  In this image, a float plane was flying by overhead, and I thought it added a nice touch to this calm and peaceful scene.

As is the case in so much of Alaska, the views are panoramic a good part of the time! Here’s a view of Mill Bay that captures the vastness of the sky along the shoreline.

There’s something about trees just sort of perching on the edge of land that appeals to me as a photographer.They are and look so solidly anchored; the open space next to them feels like the perfect balance.

We also visited Monashka Bay as we drove along the 67 miles of roads on Kodiak Island.  As you can see in this first image, the sun was peeking out in this area of the island.  I love the combination of green and blue – blue of the sky and water and green of the hill/mountain in the background and shrubbery up in the front of the image.

This next image truly illustrates that this is an island, and the vast expanse of the ocean beyond its shores. You can see the sun peeking out further out on the bay on the way to the sea, too!

As we got down to the shoreline and were walking toward it, we walked thru a small forested area and this stream or creek welcomed us.I just love the lushness of the greenery and the little wooden walk bridge adds just the perfect touch!
And, finally, here we are, down at the shoreline.I thought the coast line had such interesting character, I just wanted to capture it.Plus, the little bands of sand, silt and seaweed seem to add just the added bit of interest and texture that the image needed.


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