Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fort Abercrombie State Park in Kodiak, AK

One of the places we visited was Fort Abercrombie State Park.  There is historical significance to this state park – again, going back to defending Alaska during WWII.  However, I found it to be a beautiful place from a photographic perspective, so you’ll forgive me if that’s my focus! This first image reflects the overall view from one place in the park.  Again, love the big skies and rolling view out to sea.

As we walked thru the park, I was struck by the moss on the tree limbs, and so, of course, had to capture that in a photograph. One interesting thing about moss on the tree branches is that if you lift it off the branches, sometimes you will find volcanic ash there, left over from the eruption of Mount Katmai in 1912! Wow!

As I walked over the paths, I came to a small glade of these fireweeds.They are called that because they are one of the first flowers to bloom after the earth has been scorched by fire or volcanoes.Altho the flowers are quite lovely, what attracted me to this glade was the very busy bumble bee that was working those blooms!You can sort of see how fast his little wings were beating!

What luscious green leaves!I love the pattern and texture of the leaves.However, Jeff shared with me that there is some gooey sticky substance under the leaves that will just stick forever to whatever comes in contact with it!  Ick!

And, finally, another view of the bay at the state park.I really liked this image because of the little seagull in the far lower left corner.Love the reflection, and the impression that he’s enjoying the view as well!


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