Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunrise Yesterday

Most of yesterday was a bit foggy, but we did have a wonderful sunrise, before the clouds really rolled in.  All of these shots were taken from our balcony on the ship.  I love the pastel colors of the sky in the above image, don't you?

Here's the sun just rising above the clouds or fog bank - not sure which!  In any event, it's kind of a spiritual or almost religious type of shot, isn't it?  And, I'm not really a religious person, but this tells me there's someone out there who is driving things and creating such beauty in the world!

And, finally, this last sunrise image of the day - I loved the way the sun was peeking out thru the clouds as they started rolling in!  I was just amazed and kept snapping shots because it was just so cool.  I think this is the best of the bunch!  And, wait until you see the sunset images from yesterday......but that's another blog entry!!


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