Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Misty Morn at Icy Straits Point, AK

As is typical for Alaska (or so it seems to me!), it was another moody, foggy morning.  Today, we were at Ice Straits Point, moored just off the little Tlinget community of Hoonah.  And, some great moody shots just begged to be photographed!  This first shot was one that I captured of what I believe is a local fisherman just leaving for his day’s labor.  It’s so foggy, it’s hard to see where the water ends and the sky begins.

As I said, we were moored off Hoonah. I thought this was a great image to relay how close and yet how far away we were from shore! Who knew there could be such beauty in such a melancholy scene?

To get us to and from shore, we were “tendered”.The crew took a number of the lifeboats and transported us to and from the town.I particularly like this one with the tree branches framing it.I think of it as “coming home”.

And, as the day wore on, the clouds did break up.This image is capturing that break up – still grey, but with the promise of a nice sunny day (which did happen)!


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